R i k e n E x p r e s s i o n A r r a y D a t a b a s e

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09 spleen 58 thymus 06 kidney 10 heart
07 brain 15 cerebellum 12 lung 13 liver
65 cerebellum_neonate10day 16 placenta 17 testis 83 uterus
18 pancreas 20 small_intestine 22 stomach 90 colon
47 skin_neonate10day 98 bone xm muscle B4 adipose
Tissues colored by Tissue Ontology
immune circulator neural germ digestive skin bone muscle adipose

Tissue profiling by GO Slim in Gene Ontology

Number of spots on cDNA microarrays judged to be expressed or not expressed.

Unknown EST hitunclassifiable
Expressed 1926 1969
Not expressed 123 210